**Latest Updates: Natureworks Treatments were made on Wednesday July 19, 2023; & Algae Blooms were treated on August 17, 2023. Read update in Reports.**


LHWPG Important Messages

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LHWPG important messages will be posted here to keep you informed and to share with your friends and family.

Message #1. Timing of Natureworks Lake Treatment: Most recent treatment was completed July 19, 2023.

1. Everyone needs to stay off the lake during treatments for vegetative growth control.

2.  Lake submersed weed treatment treatment cannot be scheduled weeks or months in advance due to change in conditions within the lake as well as the weather.

3.  LHWPG will post the day and time for a Natureworks treatment generally the week prior to treatment.

4.  Natureworks will post signs around the lake.

5.  Lake Harmony Association (LHA) will also publicize the date and time planned for the treatment.

6.  Treatment is scheduled for later in the day (approximately 4:00-8:00 pm) and mid-week, to minimize disruption to boating and lake use activities.

7.  Boating and all other lake activities must be suspended throughout the evening of the treatment and until the following morning for these reasons:

a. We need to protect the safety of the Natureworks employees applying the treatment as well as the equipment; and 

b. We need to be sure the treatment stays where it is applied. Disturbing the application on the targeted sediment and vegetative growth can deactivate the material and destroy the effectiveness.

It's disappointing that the lake is not accessible for this brief period of time, from the evening during the treatment to the following morning, but all lake activities can resume the following day.  Thank you for understanding and for following this special message.

Message #2.  LHWPG Website Construction Site🚧

Our website is currently under construction and being updated regularly. Even so, it is published for your use. If you see a construction sign on a particular page you'll know more is coming for that page😎.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions and comments. Contact Us. We can improve with your feedback.  Meanwhile, many more good things for Lake Harmony and the website are on the horizon!!

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